Lungeing is more than just letting them run around in circles.

It brings variation in the training and it is an efficient way to train without the weight of the rider.

Together we will work on

Double lunge

Working with the double lunge is usefull

  • to prepare the young horse for the ridden training
  • to solve problems
  • to train without the weight
  • for rehabilitation
  • to become very handy and improve your feel
  • to vary the training
Magali Van der Heyden longeren paardtraining

Variation in the training will bring new challenges for you and your horse, to become better, more reactive and refine the communication.

For Hippo Tv, I made 3 videos about lungeing (in Dutch). For more videos you can also have a look on my YouTube Channel.

Ik heb de begeleiding van magali ervaren als een echte verrijking, ook naar het werk met mijn andere paarden toe. Een aanrader voor elke ruiter, ook zonder “probleempaarden”.

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