Starting under saddle

Zadelmak-maken-paard Magali-VanderHeyden
Zadelmak-maken-paard Magali-VanderHeyden

After a good in-hand training we are ready to start the under-saddle training. I will guide you during the start of this new exciting chapter.

The young horse knows all the basic aids and voice commands. Now we will teach him exactly the same exercises, under saddle. Your horse remembers the aids from the in-hand preparation, which gives him a safe and familiar feeling.

We work together, step by step, on a regular basis, for ex every 2 weeks. After each training, you will get some ‘homework’ so you practice at home until the next lesson.

It is a very interesting process during which you will get to know each other and develop a positive relationship for the future.

Let’s work together en give your young horse a good start. Contact me for more information.

Ik heb de begeleiding van magali ervaren als een echte verrijking, ook naar het werk met mijn andere paarden toe. Een aanrader voor elke ruiter, ook zonder “probleempaarden”.

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