Personal advice

Personal advice during a video call

  • Do you have questions on your horse’s behaviour?
  • Do you need some training advice?
  • Your horse doesn’t load very well and you would like to know why and how you can solve it in a safe way?
  • You live abroad and you would like an online lesson?
  • You would like my advice on horse management and welfare?

How does it work?

  • Make a short video of the exercises or behaviour
  • Send them through WeTransfer or a YouTube link to
  • I will analyse the videos
  • We schedule a video call, I will answer all your questions
  • I will give you exercises and training advice so you can practice at home

Price: 55€/horse

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Ik heb de begeleiding van magali ervaren als een echte verrijking, ook naar het werk met mijn andere paarden toe. Een aanrader voor elke ruiter, ook zonder “probleempaarden”.

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