Groundwork is the first step in the learning proces of every horse, regardless of the breed, future goals or discipline. As soon as you put on a halter your in-hand training starts. So actually it’s not possible to not do groundwork, if you want it or not… 🙂

Groundwork will help you communicatie and better understand each other. Horses love consistent and clear communication. The more you know, the more you can prevent and even solve problems during the training proces.

Step by step I will teach you all about it, in-hand and at liberty.

You will

  • get to know each other better
  • gain confidence
  • communicate with fine aids
  • learn how to solve problems
  • feel relaxed
  • and have fun!

Lungeing and desensitisation are also parts of the groundwork.

Grondwerk paard Magali Van der Heyden

Groundwork is often a mirror of the ridden training. Whenever problems occur we always go back to basics, first in-hand and then back in the saddle. Both are connected and very complementary.

Let’s get started!

Ik heb de begeleiding van magali ervaren als een echte verrijking, ook naar het werk met mijn andere paarden toe. Een aanrader voor elke ruiter, ook zonder “probleempaarden”.

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